Atcore and Greenland Travel gets more adventurers to visit Greenland by automating marketing

Conversion Rate up 178%

Conversion rate from Marketing Automation increased by 178%, as communication is more relevant.

Average Order Size up 25%

Average order size increased by 25%, because people know more about their options when buying.

Total Revenue up 79%

This resulted in a total increase in revenue by 79%, coming directly from Marketing Automation activities.

Drive growth, increase relevance and manage consumer interaction into valuable client relations.


Winning companies recognize the power of digital and understand, that a customer-focused digital transformation is the key to valuable consumer experiences and long lasting client relations. They understand, that digital is not just ‘yet another channel’, but the very foundation for a data-driven decision making organization, which is essential to their success.

Business success today requires a digital transformation. It starts with prioritizing an in-depth understanding of the consumer journeys and creating an agile organization, technology and proven processes to power it.


Atcore is a leading consultancy supporting companies in their digital transformation

We offer an array of consulting services as well as turnkey, operational outsource solutions to help companies achieve marketing and campaign excellence through the use of Marketing Automation and leading Marketing Cloud technologies.










Marketing Automation for Deloitte

Schneider Electric Digital Transformation
Atcore is helping Schneider Electric become more relevant within all segments, using marketing technology.

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Marketing Automation for Deloitte

Telia online sales optimization
Learn how Telia increased sales by being more relevant in the buying decision process.

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Greenland Travel Marketing Automation  
Learn how Greenland Travel supports the entire decision process for adventurers dreaming of Greenland. 

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Becoming a digital organization:
The journey to digital dexterity

As the digital age unfolds, executives face new strategic choices about how to take advantage of fast-moving technology innovations. Prior research showed that value comes not simply from adopting digital technology, but from using technology to transform the way a company does business. But while the term “digital transformation” is much in vogue, relatively less attention is paid to the design of the organization that must fulfill the chosen digital strategies. 

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As a Oracle Gold partner, we work with Oracle Marketing Cloud such as Eloqua, Responsys, DMP, Compendium and Oracle. Social Marketing.

As a Marketo Services Partner, we define your processes, educate your team and leverage all the power that your Marketo Solution has to offer.

As a Adobe Solution Partner, we work with the Adobe Marketing Cloud technologies such as MediaMix modeler, Analytics, Test&Target etc.

Atcore is Denmarks most Certified partner, working with Google Search, Google Analytics 360, Google DoubleClick and Google Big Data.

Our proven process are designed to help you achieve results now as well as outperform on the long-term, ensuring that you maximize your investment.

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    Digital Assesment

    How digitally mature is your organization, and how can you progress.

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    Consumer behavior is the key to unlock create great customer experiences.

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    Marketing technologies creates personalized communication at scale.

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    Ensure focus, speed and direction with the right priorities.


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